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Lynda has treated all my horses at some point whether it is a maintenance visit or slightly more complex involving an old injury site. Having a background in the technical field, alternative treatments are not something I have known a huge amount about however as Lynda explains everything during the treatment, it helps you understand far more about how you can assist whether it is diet or training for your horse. Lynda is very good at working with difficult horses, the vibe is quite calm so they don’t take long to settle into a treatment. I have noticed that my competition horses mind and bodies are much happier when Lynda has been.          Sharni

Lynda has successfully treated my horse for any issue that has arisen (and there have been many different ones).  She seems to have a fix for everything, comes out at short notice, is affordable, truly cares about every horse and loves her work.  She has excellent communication skills, is friendly and compassionate.  I cannot recommend her enough and consider myself very fortunate to have found her.                 Tracey

I could not recommend Lynda highly enough! I have called upon Lynda’s services numerous times for both my own as well as my client’s horses with pain or other unexplained issues. Lynda is professional in her approach and always gets the results. Highly recommend.                 Pam

Lynda has performed acupuncture on two of my horses. Both at different times and with obscure “not quite right”-nesses. Presumably young crooked and weak. I was having immense difficulty in both cases getting them up and running without overdoing it and causing more down time. Lynda performed 5 treatments on him over several weeks. The wee warmblood was going great immediately and each time I could tell when he needed her again. By the 5th visit we didn’t need her again! We got him into work and sold. Now with a new owner he’s winning and placing CTRs and dressage.

Second young horse (3 years later) we are in a similar situation. He gets a profound benefit from each treatment and looks and goes a million bucks. He’s had 3 so far and I will continue to use Lynda as he needs to support this early strengthening phase! I use chiro/ osteo and massage too. They all are great but I’m finding Lynda’s treatments are helping these horses the most. I can’t recommend her enough.            Jaimee

I have found Lynda to be a godsend for my horses.  She is so good at her craft.  She uses her skills as an acupuncturist, alongside an innate knowledge of the horse. She immediately sees the issues and goes to work on them straight away. My boys are responding so very well to her treatments. I highly recommend Lynda, her work on my horses has been for recovery and maintenance and has been essential to their physical wellbeing.           Helen

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